Patients First


Dr. Klyde took plenty of time asking questions, then ordered appropriate tests, then correctly diagnosed. The whole process was smooth, with almost no downtime/waiting at all. The follow up was excellent and the doctor was available to address any issues in between appointments. My condition improved substantially, the symptoms are all but gone and it seems I may be fully cured in near future. To recap, Dr. Klyde is simply excellent and I recommend him 100%.

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Dr. Klyde is one of the most thorough Drs I have ever been too. Unlike many Drs, he spends as much time with you as necessary, listens to you, cares, and follows up. He sees you as an individual, not as as an illness.

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Don't bother with the ones on the Island. I felt like crap when I went to them. Go see Dr. Barry Klyde in Manhattan. The guy is a genius, he not only fixed my thyroid problem, but discovered that I had a non-cancerous growth on my pituitary gland that 3 other doctors missed!

You will not be disappointed!

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I've been Dr. Klyde's patient for 11 years. I came to him with menopausal symptoms and a thyroid condition that, because I also have cardiac arrhythmia, is difficult to treat. He found a way to treat all my symptoms, without side effects or long-term negative consequences. He's a very good doctor: no ego, no flash, just competence.

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Dr. Klyde is an excellent “old school” doctor hard to find these days. He spent a lot of time talking with me and helping me make lifestyle changes as well as prescriptions to help me deal with my ailment. I thank him so much and recommend him to all my friends.

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I have been a patient of Doctor Klyde for 23 years. Having had radiation treatments at age 2 months my endocrine issues were complex at age 45 and he addressed them all with great success. He has essentially become my regular doctor dealing with my hypertension and such with amazing accuracy and results. My daughter and a cousin and several friends had complicated medical problems and after being evaluated by Doctor Klyde they each were referred to specialists of high quality who resolved their problems. Some of his referrals are within the group that practices a Cornell Weill, as does Doctor Klyde, but others were at hospitals such as Memorial Sloan Kettering where he does not practice but where he knew of the best person for the issue at hand. If you are experiencing endocrine problems or for that matter any medical problem of some complexity he is the guy to see and he is the guy who can refer you to the best specialist in NYC to see for your situation. He is quite, calm and extremely thorough. Refreshing in this day and age.

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Great diagnostician, thorough, always follows up, and really cares about his patients.

— Ellen B. (Google)

No matter how busy the office, Dr Klyde always has time to listen and resolve whatever the issue. His office staff is also very attentive and the young woman who draws blood is excellent.

— Sandra M. (Zocdoc)

Dr. Klyde saved my life... Always, he has the bedside manner of a saint, listening attentively to detect the relevant facts amongst all the extraneous details one may be prone to provide, following through to an appropriate plan in keeping with one's health goals. 

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Very nice doctor! Very thorough! Kind gentle and I highly recommend him!

— Barbara L. (Google)


Very understanding and kind. Gave very clear explanations and advice, listened carefully and performed a thorough and complete visit.

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I have had nothing but an excellent experience with Dr. Klyde. He is very thorough and caring; takes the time to listen. I highly recommend Dr. Klyde.

— J.G. (healthgades)

Very thorough and hands-on. I felt listened to and have confidence that he can treat my thyroid problem.

I highly recommend him.

— Penny B (Google)

Very professional, thorough, & knowledgeable.

— Emilia R. (zocdoc)